Above is an early alpha. By releasing it, I hope to start building a community of players who are interested in the game's potential (much like myself). I hope that some will be able to see just how fun this game can be once it is completed. If you believe you may be one of these people, please sign up on our forums and consider helping us make the game the best it can be! If you find any bugs or have any ideas, just post them in the "God Particle" category on the forums and I'll answer you back right away. Thank you very much for your time <3

- Sunlight


Controls (this game supports local multiplayer):

  • Start Game/Ready Up = Enter (Keyboard) or Start (Xbox)
  • Change Main Menu Page = WASD (Keyboard) or Bumpers (Xbox)
  • Move Cursor = Mouse (Keyboard) or LS (Xbox)
  • Select = Mouse Button 0 (Keyboard) or A (Xbox)
  • Back/Cancel = Mouse Button 1 (Keyboard) or B (Xbox)
  • Pickup Ship Token = Mouse Button 1 (Keyboard) or B (Xbox)
  • Drop Ship Token = Mouse Button 0 (Keyboard) or A (Xbox)
  • Add AI = Tab (Keyboard)
  • Accelerate Ship = W (Keyboard) or Left Bumper (Xbox)
  • Shoot = Mouse Button 0 (Keyboard) or Right Bumper (Xbox)
  • Aim = Hold Down Shoot
  • Turn = AD (Keyboard) or LS (Xbox)

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